Why junglecoon.com isn’t there anymore (for international users)

Prequel: about a year ago (september 11, 2007, to be precise), i’ve buyed web hosting and registered the domain junglecoon.com.

My idea was to create the web site for my amateur maine coon cattery.

Obviously, junglecoon shall be the cattery’s name.

Both ideas, the website and the cattery, were a little be too early, a little be too enthusiastic, because Puma, my cat, was still too young to look for males.

So early that the website never come up. Instead, to play around with my hosting, i’ve created this blog.

The blog has become more and more tumblr-like, until was seen in the usual social networks (reddit, stumbleupon, etc).

Now junglecoon.com isn’t there anymore, why?

Because it was on reddit for the nannagatto picture, and i discovered that both jungle and coon are racial slurs, and quite offensive.

What a pity, i liked junglecoon. Before knowing of the racial slur thing, of course.

No need to say, i didn’t mean to offend anyone.

I didn’t know what to do, keeping the name or not. Junglecoon was not intended to be international, but now is a source of misunderstanding, especially on social networks.

And what if i’ll go around with a cool, junglecoon t-shirt, maybe in front of english speaking people? And what about internationals cat shows, or National cat shows with International judges?

Coon is a very common prefix in maine coon cattery’s names. No need to explain why.

Just one thing: coon, as in maine coon, doesn’t came from the racial slur, but from racoon, for their long & hairy tail.

I still want to create the cattery, and the website. I just need the right name.

Hints in the comments, thank you :)

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