Congratulations Mr President

Chris di Clerico:

Congratulations President Obama, you have won this election in a landslide call for change and trust. I called this 4 years ago when most people had no idea who you were, because I was inspired by your speech. Since then millions more have heard your voice, your message, and their calling. Don’t squander this victory, this mandate. Do not betray us as they all have in the past. Do not let ego or ambition get in the way of fulfilling the hope you have instilled. You now have an obligation to lead as you have won, with passion, eloquence, intelligence, and inspiration.

The most important lesson I ever learned in my life came from Peter Parker’s old Uncle Ben when he said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” You have the power of speech, and now the power of the Presidency. The responsibility is now only yours. Don’t fuck us.

By the way, great speech.

[yes we can.]

Una delle cose più belle (e più americane) che ho letto finora sulla vittoria di Obama. Una voce dal popolo, una voce repubblicana.

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